New Babies

I can’t believe there were only two. I was sure Cinnamon was growing four kids in there, three at least. I’m grateful that I was wrong. I’m more confident that Cinnamon’s first experience as a mom will go smoothly if she’s just taking care of these two. Ginger arrived first, the spitting image of her mother. And Mace came soon after, one hoof forward.

Welcome Ginger and Mace.
Welcome Ginger and Mace.

Due Date

Cinnamon was due today. I’ve been imagining soft ligaments and faraway stares for a week now, thinking she’d go early. But today she kept on. Hoping she will wait until daylight hours. I had bet on three kids, and now I may have to up that to four. Oh dear.

The Milk Bar

Holding Tansy, using our dog's harness to avoid pulling her collar.
Holding Tansy, using our dog’s harness to avoid pulling her collar. She’s turned her head to nuzzle Poppy.

Holding Tansy in place to let the kids nurse again today. She doesn’t seem to have mastitis, no blood or clots, and her udder doesn’t seem warmer than the rest of her body, but Monday early evening I noticed she started shying away from the kids when they tried to latch on. My best guess is that her udder got super full while Dr. T. was disbudding the kids mid-day. That perhaps it was uncomfortable for her to let them nurse. Up until then she was a champion, calling her kids to fill up. Walking away only when her boy, Herb, got too piggy. And urging her girl, little Poppy, to get back to the milk bar.

Or maybe she is feeling like I did on day three, when I nursed my babies. At first it all went well–easy-going. Then around day three I experienced the most excruciating zing of pain when my baby latched. It was enough to drive me to consider formula. The horrible zing eased after the first 15 seconds, but I was shocked anew at each nursing session for a day or so until my body got used to the relentless attention.

Whatever the reason, until things get better, or worse, I’ll be out every few hours bribing Tansy with a bit of grain and hay while I hold her in place so the kids can fill their little bellies.

It gives me a chance to hover a bit over Cinnamon to watch for signs of impending labor. Come on Cinnamon, give me a sign!